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Enjoyment & wine: Hotel Sandhof half-board

Culinary delights, wine enjoyment, wine & fine enjoyment package

“Life’s too short to drink bad wine!” We can only second this bon mot, which is attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Culinary delights and wine enjoyment on the Arlberg are thus up high on the indulgence list for your winter holiday at our 4-star Hotel Sandhof.

The perfect wine to go along with your food is like the perfume of a lady perfecting her appearance. The selection of the finest wines surely isn’t a walk in the park – it requires experience, knowledge and love of wine. The same certainly applies to fresh, regional food even convincing the taste-buds of experienced gourmets.

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Culinary art at Hotel Sandhof: freshness & quality

Chef Karl Schiller, who has been in charge of the Sandhof cuisine with commitment for nine years, is certain: “Fresh, naturally matured food satisfies with smell, taste and consistency. It is my job to cultivate these high-class products and give them the finishing touch they need!”

Hotel Sandhof half-board: your enjoyment holiday on the Arlberg

Food exciting the strict eyes of chef Karl Schiller directly makes its way onto your plates as part of the Hotel Sandhof half-board. Look forward to an abundant breakfast buffet and the 5-course dinner menu, the delicious fondues and the formal dinner. We have compiled all information about the Sandhof indulgence half-board on a separate page:
Sandhof indulgence half-board: tastily through the day!

Sandhof delicacies: fondues for a highly enjoyable evening

The fondues at Hotel Sandhof are already legendary. The tangy Swiss cheese fondues are a true child of the Alps and the oldest known fondue. The fondue chinoise, also known as pot-au-feu, has many different variations around the world. At Sandhof, it is prepared with meat. The weekly fondue evening is included in the half-board.

Wine enjoyment on the Arlberg: Sandhof wine cellar

As a certified sommelier, your host at Hotel Sandhof, Martin Prodinger, is the first person to talk to concerning wine, accompanying wines for meals and wine tastings. The well-equipped wine cellar is home to specialities from Austria and all over the world. The wines offered in giant bottles are particularly interesting.

Wine tastings with Martin Prodinger at Hotel Sandhof

Martin Prodinger gladly takes you to his wine cellar on enquiry. Learn about terroir and climate, vineyards and grape variety, vine training and cellar techniques during a wine tasting with the certified sommelier. Pfefferl, bouquet and finish won’t be gobbledygook to you anymore.

Wine offer Hotel Sandhof: bottled wines with 0.75 litres

The standard wine bottle has a capacity of 0.75 l. Its shape, however, varies in order to optimally cultivate the wine’s character. The maturing is not complete when the bottle is filled. The wine continues to develop – much faster in the small 0.75 l bottle as compared to the giant bottles.

Giant bottles for wines: big is beautiful

Hard to believe, but true: One and the same wine tastes very different depending on the size of the bottle in which it matures. Giant bottles allow for a particularly long maturing process: The wines develop differently and actually gain in size and character. Giant bottle wines from the best reed are stored at Hotel Sandhof!

Large, larger, largest: the scope of the giant bottle range

The usual giant bottle range varies from the magnum bottle with 1.5 l to the jerobeam with 5 litres. Even larger bottles are mostly (but not exclusively) used for filling champagne. The world’s largest wine bottle can be found in Switzerland. It has a capacity of 480 l, is 2.4 m tall and a true heavyweight at 630 kg.

Wines from the best vineyards: winegrowers & wine offer at Hotel Sandhof

Our select wine suppliers are the vineyards Schrauf and Schindler in Mörbisch, Burgenland, and Josef Strobl in South Tyrol. Traditional wines such as the Welschriesling and the Blaufränkische are also part of the Sandhof wine offer as racy barrique wines and rare dessert wines, e.g. grape and dry grape selections.

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