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Ski-Club Arlberg: founder of alpine skiing

Your ski holiday at the legendary cradle of alpine skiing in Austria

“Enraptured by nature, excited by the sport…” That’s how the entry into the guestbook of Hotel Hospiz, which was the establishment act of Ski-Club Arlberg, begins. Six friends laid the foundation for the development of alpine skiing on 3 January 1901 – and, to this day, the most exclusive ski club in the world is alive and well.

Even to this day, you can still vividly imagine how six skiers were on their way from St. Anton to St. Christoph on simple skies, overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, on that memorable 3 January. It honours them that it was their wish and goal to make this beauty accessible to their fellow men.

From the first race to the Olympic Games: Ski-Club Arlberg

A mere three years after its inception, the Ski-Club Arlberg invited skiers to the first ski race, which had little in common with today’s races: It went up and down for many kilometres without any lifts or groomed slopes. Nevertheless, it set the tone for modern alpine skiing: The Ski-Club Arlberg has since been home to many world-class athletes, who have even enjoyed success at the Olympic Games.

Skiing made by Ski-Club Arlberg: the stem turn

Did you know it? If your children today are skiing  "cake slices" then this is the good old stem turn which became famous as the Arberg-technique in the 1920s and leads to neat curves. The predecessor of the elegant parallel turn is still part of the programmes at the renowed ski schools on the Arlberg.

Regular meetings and Ski-Club Arlberg membership

Everyone is invited to the weekly regular meetings of the biggest and oldest ski club in the world: members, membership candidates, locals and skiing instructors. Many a funny tale is shared and the evenings fly by. If you want to become a member of Ski-Club Arlberg, you have to master a few hurdles:

  • A passion for skiing and love of the Arlberg is a prerequisite!!
  •  New members should have been guests at the Arlberg for at least three years.
  • Additionally, you need two warrantors who are already members of Ski-Club Arlberg. One of them must additionally be part of the ski club management.
  • Read all information on the Ski-Club Arlberg website!

Also children can become members of the world-famous ski club! The membership fees are moderate because up to today the excitement for nature and sports stands in the foreground.

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