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Ski and relax in one of the world’s most beautiful ski regions

A gnarled mountain farmer from Lech once put it like this: “If you want a spa experience, just go outside!” Admittedly, an Arlberg stay by itself is a pure spa experience. Here at Sandhof, we offer additional treatments to pamper you. Welcome to our small and exclusive spa area!

Skiing, sunbathing, breathing in fresh air: Is there anything better than relaxing after a day of winter sports on Arlberg? Treat yourself to a hot and cold alternating bath and top it off with a pleasant massage at the Sandhof, your hotel with spa offerings in Lech.

Hotel Sandhof Ansicht sauna and wellness area

Spa offerings with sauna at Hotel Sandhof

Who invented it? What the Finns have enjoyed for centuries guarantees the best wellness on your ski holiday. Here’s to the Sandhof sauna offerings!

Ski and relax: overview spa area

  • Finnish sauna / bio sauna
  • Steam / brine bath
  • Ice grotto
  • Experience showers
  • Massage room with massages by arrangement
  • Relaxation room with drinking fountain

What’s the difference between the various saunas?

There are high temperatures and low humidity in the Finnish sauna. The interior is heated up to 80-100 °C with a sauna heater. The bio sauna is considerably more circulation-friendly with 65-70 °C and a humidity of approx. 55 %. The steam bath is suited for sauna beginners and children with very high humidity and low temperature (40-55 °C).

What does a visit to the sauna involve? What do I have to pay attention to?

Die Wärme wirkt positiv auf die Haut, das vegetative Nervensystem und das Immunsystem. Durch den Wechsel von Wärme- und Kältereizen wird der Stoffwechsel angekurbelt, die Blutgefäße bleiben elastisch und die Muskeln werden in der Tiefe entspannt. Im Sole-Dampfbad im Hotel Sandhof wirkt das Salz zusätzlich positiv auf Haut und Atemwege.

 What does a visit to the sauna involve? What do I have to pay attention to?

Here are a few pointers to have a fun sauna stay at Hotel Sandhof:

  • Take a warm shower in our experience shower and then dry off before going into the sauna.
  • Bring a large sauna towel to the sauna cabin and get comfortable for 8-10 minutes.
  • Cool off for 15 minutes afterwards. Our tip: First rub off with ice from the ice fountain before taking a cold shower in the waterfall shower starting with arms and legs.
  • Unwind in the relaxation room for 15 minutes, enjoy refreshing water from our drinking water and doze for a bit with a view of the open fire.
  • Repeat the procedure as many times as you want!

“House practice” in the Sandhof sauna

  • A request: Please bring a large sauna towel to sit in the cabin and a smaller one to dry off. Towels for the sauna at Hotel Sandhof can be found in the anteroom of the sauna area. Bathrobes are available at the reception.
  • You don’t need a towel to sit on in the steam bath. Please rinse the seating area with the hose before and after use.
  • Please note that the saunas are garment-free areas and may not be used with swimwear. You are at liberty to wear a sauna kilt or a towel.
  • Do not use the saunas if you have a cold or are sick. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor.

Massage offers at Hotel Sandhof in Lech

A massage brings pleasant relaxation after skiing or an extensive winter hike. Choose from different massage offers at the 4-star Hotel Sandhof!

Massages offerings at the hotel at a glance

15 meters outdoor pool - swimming against the current

The 5 star Hotel Post in Lech has since some years a new bath house with a unique 15-meter heated outdoor pool, gym, sauna, relaxation room - for the children a slide with a children's pool and a baby pool. Guests at the Hotel Sandhof can a use this great bathhouse.

For  adults we charge 48, - Euro per day, children up to 16 years  can use  everything  free of charge including bathrobes / towels.

Ski and spa: indoor pool in St. Anton am Arlberg

While our 4-star Hotel Sandhof offers you a spa area, it doesn’t feature an indoor pool. If you feel like swimming or the weather isn’t ideal for skiing, we recommend a trip to the neighbouring St. Anton am Arlberg, where you’ll find the spa and leisure centre St. Anton.

Swimming on a ski holiday in Lech: spa and leisure centre St. Anton

Several pools and additional spa facilities can be found at the public indoor pool:

  • Indoor pool (13x13 m, 130 cm deep, 31 °C)
  • Stream pool – accessible via Watergate from the inside (32 °C)
  • Baby pool with pleasant 32 °C
  • Heated outdoor sports pool (25 x 8 m, 110-180 cm deep, 29 °C), useable in winter as well!
  • Saunas (Kelo sauna, Finnish sauna, sanarium, brine steam bath, infrared sauna), gym, massage on request by telephone, solarium
  • Pool bar
  • Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, sauna daily from 12 am to 10 pm
  • Distance to Hotel Sandhof in Lech: approx. 20 km, approximate driving time 23 minutes

Address and phone:
Hannes-Schneider-Weg 11
6580 St. Anton am Arlberg
Phone:: +43  5446 4001

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